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Sorry about the mess but having to update the site.

Hopefully we will be able to give you more idea of the services we offer along with a new, updated shopping area where we will list all those marvellous technological goodies that everyone loves.

We also plan to have a news blog which will be updated weekly (twice weekly if there’s enough interest), containing information about up and coming technological wonders along with advice on how to prevent or remove malware and viruses. Plus what you should do if someone phones you claiming to be from Microsoft, TalkTalk, BT etc…Scammers or “scumbags” as I like to call them.

Shouldn’t take much longer, we hope to be finished by January the 20th, if not before.

In the meantime: If your Windows PC or Apple mac are in need of repair give us a call, we’re still open as usual.

Thank-You for reading….Dave.

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