Not Long Now!!!

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Nearly time to start uploading the marvellous technological goodies that we have for sale in to the Shop section of the Personal PC Care site.

Just little time before I start on the site again to let you know what you can expect to find:

We’ll have Macbooks from 17″ down to 11″ models, all flavours, Windows Laptops, iMacs, Mac Mini’s, Mac Pros (12 core 64gig ram WOW!!!), Gaming PC’s such as the fantastic Dell Alienware series along with bespoke models, not to forget gaming laptops such as Clevo, Novatech, MSI and, of course, Dell Alienware Gaming Laptops, Mini Media Centre PC’s, Amazon Fire Sticks fully loaded with Kodi.

We will also have a selection of professional PC’s, Laptops and Mac’s specially built and modified for DAW audio, CAD and Pro Photo editing Work….Powerful Beasts indeed.

Specialist printers and loads of other gadgets, such as HK Audio Nano P.A. Systems, Bluetooth Speakers, iPods, iPads, Tablets….if it’s a gadget we’ll have or be able to get it for you.

Looking forward to seeing you…Thanks…Dave.

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