The Final Push & a Quirky Printer

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Finally got the shop side of the site up and running, got a few choice goodies in there for you to look at. Keep an eye on the site, over the next few days we’ll have quite a few more choice pieces on the site.

There’s a few little quirky gadgets that will be going in to the shop section, such as the marvellous portable wireless printer that is the Polaroid Zip. Smaller than your average smart phone, so small that you won’t even notice it in your pocket or handbag but enough portable power to print up off to 25 prints of in a single charge. No Cables, fuss, just connect to your phone or tablet, ios or Android, via Bluetooth, download the Polaroid Zip App, which has some nifty little quirky bits that can be added to your pics before printing.

No messy inks to contend with, the colours are embedded in the photo paper in a crystal form, and the best thing is the back peels off and they can be stuck anywhere…including your best mates drunken forehead…and did I forget to mention that as soon as the pics are printed they are not only dry to the touch but are also rip and tear proof and will last a thousand years….handy if your planning on burying a time capsule :).

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