Coronavirus Update

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coronavirus covid19 precautions

To try and help those who are helping us and to try to help the most vulnerable in our society we will be supplying our labour free of charge to those in any of the Essential Services and OAP’s.

In cases where parts are required you will only be charged for the parts (the same rate we are charged), the cost of labour will be free.

In most cases repairs can be done over the phone and internet but if your system, phone, iPad, macbook, tablet etc is physically damaged, we will arrange for safe collection.

NOTE: Free collection & delivery will only be available to those within a 7 mile radius of Personal PC Care.

  1. Leave items outside your home at a prearranged time for collection (If possible please carefully wipe down the item/s).
  2. On return all items will be handled carefully, wiped down with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and whenever possible either bagged or boxed, which will also be wiped down.
  3. If there are charges for parts payment can either be made by contactless chip and pin, bank transfer or PayPal. Cash will be accepted but it will need placing in an envelope or similar.

You will need to provide proof that you either work in one of the essential services or are an OAP (sorry about that but unfortunately, even in these very difficult times, there will still be some unscrupulous individuals out there that will try and take advantage of this offer)

Be Sensible, Be Safe and Be Well.

David Johnson CEO

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