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Here at Personal PC Care, we are aware that more and more people will either be working from home or may even have to self isolate. It's at times like these when you need your computers, tablets and phones the most. It goes without saying that in a crisis communication is more important than ever.

If children and students are encouraged to stay away from school, college or university, it is vitally important that they and you have access to a working PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Simple things like gong online to chat with friends and family or playing online games can help to make the time pass in a more peaceful and acceptable manner.

To combat any issues that might arise we have decided to keep trading, selling and repairing systems. Precautions can and will be taken, along with any extra precautions that you may suggest, especially if you feel you may be vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

For local customers in and around the Leyland, Chorley, Bamber Bridge, Preston areas (about a 10 mile radius from where we are located near the M6 Leyland turn off), we will provide a collection and drop-off service.

Precautions and advice are listed below.

  1. Call or contact us explaining the issues you are having or questions about a system you maybe interested in purchasing from us. This can be by email, text or telephone.
  2. We will first try to repair your system over the phone and via the internet.
  3. If the suggestions in Number 2, do not work we will arrange to collect the item from you. This could mean either a standard collection or, if you are or think you may be vulnerable to catching the virus, we will arrange a precise time for collection and you can wrap the item in a bin liner or something similar and leave it outside or hand it to us when we call. If the item, such as a large PC or iMac, proves to be to cumbersome for you to manhandle we will strip it down for you and remove it, taking every precaution before-hand such as using hand sanitiser before entering the property and when leaving.
  4. After work has been completed on your system we will contact you and either arrange a time for you to collect or we can drop it off using the precautions mentioned in Number 3. Where possible we will wipe down the system, tablets, phones with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) with a minimum of 70% alcohol which is recommended for killing germs and viruses, the same amount used in hand sanitiser.

Hope this helps please stay safe and well....David Johnson.