avast free antivirus

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Avast is one of the top free antivirus packages around. It has a very good boot scanner that can be useful for digging out rootkit viruses. When you consider that this is the free version it's actually better than some paid-for versions of antivirus.


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Without a doubt, Glary Utilities is one of the best system clean-up tools on the market....and it's free.

Keeping your system clean, the registry, temp folder, chrome, and other browser caches clean is very important when it comes to system security. Rouge/malicious cookies and registry entries are the most common cause of phishing attacks. Use Glary Utilities once a week to give you peace of mind.


avg free antivirus

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Probably the most well-known and popular of all the free antiviruses in this list. Download and install, it's that simple.


bitdefender free antivirus

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Bitdefender is a very good choice of free antivirus, especially for low-powered systems. Minimal install that uses very little of your system's resources but still manages to be incredibly effective. Top choice for Hybrid Notebooks that use Atom processors and have only 2GB ram.