Macbook - iPad - iPhone Screen Repair

Laptop and phone screen repair

If the screen on your Macbook, iMac, iPad or iPhone has been damaged we can repair it.

Digitisers and screens/panels can be repaired and/or replaced for as little as £75.

We also repair and replace and repair LCD panels for all Apple products.


Logic and Motherboard Repair and Replacement

when apple turn bad

When Apples go bad:

Sometimes Your Macbook or iMac just stops working. One day everything is running smoothly, the next it's not.


The system will not turn on, no magical chime and nothing appears on the screen. This is a good time to get your logic board or motherboard checked and, if necessary, replaced.

Personal PC Care offer the cheapest logic and motherboard repair service in and around the Preston area.

Apple iMac Graphic Card Repair and Replacement Service

apple imac graphic card repair
iMac and Mac Pro Graphic Card repair and replacement

When you press the power button on your iMac do you hear the fans start up followed by the Apple Chime but then "No Picture" the screen stays black.

There's a good chance your iMac's GPU or Graphic card has failed. Don't worry this can be fixed. Personal PC Care will remove your old Graphic card and replace with a refurbished card and; Hey Presto, you're up and running again.

Upgrade Your iMac, Macbook or Mac Pro to SSD

apple mac imac macbook SSD hard drive upgrade
SSD drive upgrade


Upgrading the hard drive in you iMac, Macbook or Mac Pro to a SSD is the single most cost effective way of massively increasing the speed of your system.

By Simply changing from a standard mechanical hard drive to a SSD Drive will dramatically decrease boot times from a laborious 2 to 3 minutes or even longer to a zippy 20 seconds...really...that quick.

Upgrading to SSD starts from just £110, depending on machine type and SSD capacity. It's also painless; we clone your existing drive so that everything is identical but much much faster.

We would also recommend upgrading the system Ram, especially if it is below 2GB. Upgrading the Ram will make the system more responsive when opening multiple programs, or 'multitasking' as it is sometimes called.

Call Personal PC Care to see if we can save you time and money.