Tonium Pacemaker Professional Handheld DJ System


  • Condition: Used/Refurbished, very good/excellent condition

Tonium Pacemaker professional handheld DJ system with a 60gb internal hard drive, getting very rare, hard to find professional handheld DJ system.

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Tonium Pacemaker Professional Handheld DJ System

  • Condition: Used/Refurbished, very good/excellent condition

With a 60gb internal hard drive, getting very rare and hard to find.
The Tonium Pacemaker is a true, fully fledged MP3, flac, wav, ogg vorbis, aac-lc player with full DJ mixing capabilities. Take a look at the video to see just what this amazing little musical beauty is capable of.
On-board mixer, cross fader, beat mapping and matching, live hardware based effects such as reverb, echo, lfo cutoff, whammy, roll.
Full duplex audio output allowing for playing a deck directly out while listening and lining the next track up via the headphone socket, which also has multiple impedance output selection for hi-end pro headphones.
Controlling the Tonium Pacemaker via the disc shaped touch pad and disc shaped screen is clear and intuitive. Simply put: if you want to turn the bass up or down simply tap the the touch disc at the 3 o’clock position, then rotate clockwise for up and anticlockwise for down. The centre of the touchpad is used for scrolling up and down and tapping to select and line up tracks and cue points.
It’s a work of art that actually works, plus you get fantastic pro sound reproduction. It can be used via its built in battery or plugged into the mains. Battery life will easily get you through a full set with plenty to spare.
Check out the video for a taste of what this device can do in the hands of a professional.


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