HP Pavilion x2 Detachable laptop

Marvellous 🙂 little Windows 10 laptop hybrid. Simply push the screen back away from the keyboard and voila, instant 10” tablet.

These little beauties tend to be either 32GB or 64Gb memory, they also have a micro SD slot if you need more space.
Small, light and deceptively powerful, powered by an the new breed of intel quad core atom processors (physical cores), with on-board graphics and audio that are tailor made for video playback such as YouTube, MP4, HTML5.
Being Windows based these little devils pack a punch when it comes to office and college work, being able to run full versions of office is a huge bonus when it comes to small portable devices, no compatibility problems when it comes to handing your work in. If it installs on your PC then it will install on a HP Pavilion X2, just don’t expect to be running high end games on it though.

Very sturdy build quality, compact and slim design combined with good battery life. There’s no need to mess about with fiddly catches or levers to divide the screen and keyboard, they’re held together with magnets. The magnets are very strong, so there’s very little chance that the two parts will accidentally come away from each other; it takes quite a lot of deliberate force to separate the two.
The Pavilion X2 can be easily connected to an external monitor if a larger screen is need.
Great little Windows laptop/Tablet , portable, sturdy for work and play. We sell these little beauties from as little as £165…Check out the ‘Shop’ section for stock and availability.

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