Decisions Decisions Decisions?

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powerful HP Slatebook X2 dual laptop tablet

Need a portable device such as a laptop but can’t decide on which operating system would be best suited to your needs. It can be a tough decision to make. Receiving advice from from all sides, one side advising on the virtues of Windows Laptops, they’re versatile and can run most programs a desktop PC can. The other side dictating the virtues of a Macbook with the fantastic OS X operating system installed. Both pieces of advice are good, both Laptops and Mac books have their own pluses and negative but another alternative to consider would be an Android based laptop, such as the HP SlateBook X2

Android. These little beauties pack a punch when it comes to mobile processing power, quad core CPU,s, multi core (cuda) core graphic Processing, plus you get an operating system that has been specifically designed from the ground up for mobile usage, which makes it extremely energy efficient, add to this the fact that the HP Slatebook X2 has 2 batteries on-board, one in the tablet and one in the keyboard, you get very good up-time whilst on the move. The build quality is also extremely high, cased in beautiful brushed aluminium with a clam-shell design and a full had 10″ screen. These little marvels are much much more than large tablets, they really are powerful Laptops. They also come with HP version of office which is 100% compatible with Microsoft office. Another bonus is the processing power they have when it comes to gaming, the nVidia GPU is no slouch and there are a host of games available on the Google Play Store, not to mention Movies and Music.

Give us a call and try One I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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