Hello I am From TalkTalk…No you’re F#~kin Not

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I’ve covered this topic before but I think it needs redressing and more people should be made aware of it.

What really annoys me is that in this day and age it should be made simpler to block and report these idiots. There should also be a government sponsored campaign to make people aware of these scammers and how to spot them.

If someone calls you and says they are from TalkTalk, or similar “PUT THE PHONE DOWN”. Do not be polite to these people, they are out to take you for every penny, they don’t care if you can’t afford to pay to heat your home or to put food on your table, they don’t care if you’re healthy or infirm, all they care about is coning you out of your money.

I’ve had customers who have been very stressed after dealing with these con men, some have been in tears. When I’ve said to them “why didn’t you tell them to p#ss-off”, they replied “I didn’t want to upset them, what if they were who they said they were?”. Lets make something clear from the start: “NO TELEPHONE COMPANY, SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTOR, BANK WILL CALL TRYING TO GET ACCESS TO YOUR PC”. As soon as they mention starting your computer up and allowing them access to it, put the phone down and report them immediately.

Better still: Start playing a game with them, waste their time, remember these people are scumbags, they are out to try and rip you off for every hard earned penny that you posses. As soon as they say “I am from TalkTalk (or similar), your router or PC is infected”, you know it’s can. Play along, play dumb, tell them you’ve got to do something, anything. Put the kettle on make a nice cup of tea and a couple of slices of toast, keep the idiots on the line for as long as you can. If they ask what your doing, tell them that your system is running very slow and takes ages to start up, and just to keep them on the hook tell them “it’s a good job they rang because you beginning to suspect that there was something wrong with your PC. Keep them on the line for as long as you can. Have a bit of of fun with it, record the conversation if you can, stick it on YouTube, encourage others to do the same, make everyone aware of this and it will stop. Just remember “DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR COMPUTER, LAPTOP, TABLET”, these people are scum do not be polite to them.


It’s always the most vulnerable that are targeted click the link, you’ll be taken to the Daily Telegraphs website where they have done an excellent article about a woman who was ripped off by these scumbags for nearly £14,000….no one can afford to lose £14,000, especially not a pensioner. These idiots need to be taken to task, there need to be simple, active measure put in place along with a campaign to make vulnerable people aware of the “ever-so polite scammers”. Polite until you let them know that you know what they are up to, then they’ll behave like the cornered rats that they are.

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