Beware of The Clone Wars Scam

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Car Cloning, clone wars scam, beware when buying online.


car clone sold online

A warning to anyone thinking of buying a car via eBay, Gumtree, Preloved…basically if it’s for sale online beware.
There has been a rise in car cloning. Simply put criminals or “SCUMBAGS” as I like to call them because that’s exactly what they are, look for cars online and get the details. They then do a little bit more searching and hey presto they have all the details needed to clone a car. They go out, destroy someone’s life by stealing their car, remove the plates and numbers, replace them with legitimate plates and numbers from a car that is already registered and being driven around…So far that’s 2 victims of these scumbags and we haven’t finished yet. Next they get all the necessary paperwork together, then stick it on an auction site and sell it on to the 3rd victim.
These criminal gangs have even been reported to the police but nothing has been done, no arrests have been made even though the police know who the criminal are. On one occasion it was a retired Police Man who was duped in to parting with £17,000….yep you read that correctly £17,000 of his hard earned money, money that will not be replaced and what did the police do when this retired Police Officer reported the crime, addresses and all…NOTHING…Mmmmmm something wrong there me thinks.
I hope the police get off their arses and do something about this and I also hope the retired Police Officer gets the justice he deserves.
Remember this crime has created at least 3 victims and nothing is being done about it…scandalous.
Here’s a link to the full story: