Kaspersky Key Blocked

Here at Personal PC Care we are getting reports from customers informing us that their genuine Kaspersky keys are being blocked by Kaspersky. This is not just a handful of people that are reporting this but several every week. and this has been happening for several months now

It turns out that Kaspersky are blocking genuine key codes because they are having a dispute with their distributes….yep you read that correctly: Kaspersky are penalising customers and putting their systems and data at risk because of an internal problem that they are having with some retailers.

Kasperky is acting like little child, spitting their dummy out to get attention.

Here’s what’s happened: some retailers have been selling Kaspersky at quite low prices. This is common practice by retailers and is usually done to entice customers into buying other items. They don’t mind losing a bit on each sale (lose-leader) if it means selling other items or gaining new customers in the process. Kaspersky have completely flipped and gone into a sulk at this saying that some retailers, namely PC World, Currys, Ryman are selling their product to cheaply, and for some unknown reason instead of penalising the retailer Kaspersky have decided to penalise the customers instead, customers that have bought genuine versions of their product, customers that were probably loyal to Kaspersky but not anymore. Oh!!! and to add insult to injury Kaspersky either try to force you to purchase a new product key or they demand that you send a copy of the original packaging, key-code card and receipt…I kid you not. Who keeps all those bits of paper and card for months on end, especially once you’ve used them. You don’t expect to have your internet security stopped after over 6 months usage…Ridiculous.

I used to recommend Kaspersky Internet Security to all my customers but I will now actively discourage the use of all Kaspersky products “DO NOT USE KASPERSKY PRODUCTS”, they have no regard for you or the security of your system and the data it holds.

There are plenty of good antivirus and internet security products out there such as Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender. Some of the free ones are as good as the paid for ones: Comodo Internet Security, Avast, AVG.

As far as I’m concerned I’m finished with Kaspersky, I could never recommend a product from a company that puts its petty grievances before it’s customer.

Hope this helps prevent loss of money and data…Remember: if Kaspersky have decided to block your genuine key then sod em, don’t jump through hoops for them just leave, uninstall Kaspersky Security, choose and install another internet security package from a customer friendly provider.

This has really annoyed me 🙁

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