Credit Card Scanner Scams

fake ATM card reader

Next time you go to an ATM machine or get fuel from a self service station be sure to check the area where you insert your credit/debit card. Small, discrete units (see pics), which look very similar to the original ATM’s card readers are being put in place. When a customer inserts their card, the bogus reader reads the card information and also logs the pin number. The bogus card reader is then removed and the card information is then simply retrieved via a pc or similar. The bogus reader can contain the information for several hundred credit/debit cards.

When using a card reader check where the card is inserted by pulling or pushing in, a genuine reader will not move or come away. If you think your card details may have been compromised check your account for any odd transactions especially small transaction of about £10, this is usually the criminal testing the water and also getting the bank used to fake external card readerhaving money taken from a particular area. After they’ve done this a few times they will then take larger and larger amounts from your account.

There has been a spate, especially in the Chorley area, of credit cards being copied and used. This only comes to light when the bank gets in touch to let you know that your card has been used in a less than typical way or you see quite a large amount has disappeared from your account.


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