Phone Scam

A new take on an old scam.

You receive a call from a number you don’t recognise but the number seems to be a legitimate mobile number, standard 0750… etc. When you answer it you notice that instead of hearing a voice at the other end you hear a ringing tone. HANG UP THE PHONE straight away.

The call is being forwarded to another number, a number that is premium rate and as soon as it it answered you are the one who will get charged.

This type of call, one with automatic forwarding to a premium number, should not be allowed to happen. Those that be who are in charge of this sort of thing should get off their fat arses and put a stop to it straight away before it gets out of hand and costs people who can’t afford it a lot of money.

Scumbags like this know that these type of scams only affect the most vulnerable in our society.

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