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Has information that you have trusted to a company/business or website been PWNED?

have you been pwned

Chances are you’ve never heard the term but, unfortunately, in this day and age it’s a term that is becoming all too common. In basic terms, PWNED means your email address, password, personal data etc, may have been compromised when an online company such as Facebook, TalkTalk, Curry’s, or PC World, have been hacked and customers stored personal data has been stolen.

Unfortunately, not all companies are willing to report that their security has been breached. They seem oblivious to the fact that even a simple account breach, excluding passwords, can cause chaos, such as being called nearly every day by someone claiming to be from TalkTalk and informing you, in very broken English, that your router is faulty and they need to access your computer in order to resolve the issue. If you do get calls similar in nature to this put the phone down on them, don’t try and be nice or strike up a conversation, these scum are thieves and care nothing for your welfare and well-being.

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