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Has information that you have trusted to a company/business or website been PWNED? Chances are you’ve never heard the term but, unfortunately, in this day and age it’s a term that is becoming all too common. In basic terms, PWNED … Read More

Phone Scam

A new take on an old scam. You receive a call from a number you don’t recognise but the number seems to be a legitimate mobile number, standard 0750… etc. When you answer it you notice that instead of hearing … Read More

Font Wasn’t Found Malware

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As usual there’ll always be someone out there trying to either get at what’s your or find ways of filling your screen with as much spam and adverts as possible. The reason why they do the latter is simple; ‘they … Read More

Acer Revo One RL85

Within the next few days we should be getting one of these marvellous little devils in. We’ll give it a good test to see what it’s capable of. Fantastic little media PC. Beautiful, clean, minimalist desgn, measures just Height 155mm … Read More